Mobile site speed and mobile-first are all about mobile SEO, and it focuses on better strategies day by day. Every individual has a mobile in today’s world, and the majority of users prefer mobile surfing and use mobile devices like tabs, cell phones, smartphones, and further.

Mobile-first means to design a mobile experience before designing it to the desktop screen. It takes place because today people are more engaged with online shopping and social networking through their mobiles.

Another talk of the town is Mobile site speed that plays a great role in business marketing. According to a study, 56% of the business source depends upon the mobile site speed. It can either do your business or break your business. In a digital era, the last thing we expect is patience. Fast is the new trend and not able to full the expectation of the customers leads to business failure. Before moving further, we will first discuss what mobile SEO is and why it is important in 2019.

What is Mobile SEO?

Recently Google page speed has updated its new update which enables the page speed through mobile search ranking. Earlier that was just for the desktop purpose but as soon as things are going digital and everything is in updating, and mobile-first has taken place, then how can we not count Google?
Google measuring page speed is separate from technical SEO. It is divided into two variants, Optimization, and Speed.

How Mobile first indexing is affecting and impacting customers and marketing?

Online marketing is a new version of traditional marketing. Although it is not an easy task to do and everyone can not do it. It takes skills and creativity at the same time to convince a customer. Although customers these days are way smarter than a marketer thinks. Here we will discuss some basic points about how mobile SEO and marketing is affecting and impacting through customer experience.

There are a majority of reasons why customers love mobile marketing. Here are some pros of having high mobile site speed

  • The higher speed will result in getting access to emergency contacts via the internet.
  • More customer engagement will automatically take place when your mobile site has great speed lighting.
  • improves mobile speed faster than the loading time.

Apart from the impacting pros, we will also be discussing what happens when your mobile site speed gets down. Here are some cons of having Low mobile site speed.

  • The customer gets frustrate and abandon sites when it takes more than 3 seconds to load. They need a good speed of mobiles.
  • The Reputation automatically gets down when there are negative outcomes of a device and lack of engagements
  • Low speed results in higher bounce rates of the website and will result in poor sales.

What are some of the Strategies to decrease mobile load time?

Cache Optimization- Mobile caches cannot hold a large number of contents and files. Don’t accept server requests that pops-up as they are localized apps that create a virus. They are different from desktop browsers. Thus it is vital to optimizing your mobile cache from time to time.

HTML - Though there are chances that it might be able to get page increase, it is one the amazing strategy that decreases the loading time of mobile and allows you to embed the site resources via HTML.

Prominent Call to Action- Call to action is very important for the mobile site. When it comes to conversion optimization, then your CTA should be that creative that it speaks on your behalf. It should guide your visitor that the next step they have to do is to call you.

Removing the redirects- Redirects creates more slow sleep as it takes a long time to process. Providing direct linking to the main site will help users

Lightweight images- Your image size should be fitted from the mobile screen view. Optimizing is very important for image display. Your photo size should not be either too small to see and not too large that it gets pixel fade or image degradation.

A touch over clicks - Smartphone is meant to be touch not click. The major reason for the mobile site speed crash is the wrong design. Clicking delays mobile speed up to 5 seconds late and that deducts half of the website visitors.

Server Capacity- It is very important to notice whether the host server can endure the crawl rates..

Mobile-friendly pop-ups- We cannot avoid pop-ups. It not only looks cute but also plays a basic role to become a sudden attraction of any site but do you know that pop-ups can make your site slow? It is better to use pop-ups that are mobile friendly and doesn’t affect your loading speed..


Before making up your mind on any website or links, make sure they should be mobile-friendly or mobile SEO, as it won’t be of any use if a customer chooses another source over mobile. Every second pays its loss when your mobile speed gets down.

Your audiences are way smarter than you think and living in the mobile world where the challenges are not easy to be done; the best mobile marketing strategies help you to win with SEO ranking factors.

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